Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Use Wood Burner Smokers Over Gas or Electric Grills?

It’s simple. They burn better, smell better and taste better. We have tried many of the gas grills and electric grills on the market and although they seem easy, you’re still out there checking them every ten minutes. So why not go the full Monty and cook like a sophisticated cave man on one of these magnificent offset reverse flow BBQs?

What Are The Benefits Of Reverse Flow Smokers?

That’s simple too. Many standard offset smoker barbecues use a tuning plate to try and distribute heat evenly through the cooking chamber. We believe there is too much confusion with this set up, and too many inconsistent results. With a reverse flow smoker BBQ you get an even temperature distribution, even smoke distribution over your food and that oooooh so delightful puff of steaming flavour bursting over your meat when it drips on our 6mm steel plate under your meat.

Why Do I Need To Cook My Offset Smoker In Before My First Use?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. To burn off any excess residue from the workshop and also season your offset smoker BBQ to get a good old Rustic Soul flavour from it.
  2. To cook your paint work in. The paint work we use is tough! Straight out of the Rustic Soul yard. However if you want this quality offset reverse flow smoker barbecue to last for years and years with not an inkling of rust while it sits outside in the rain then cook that thing in. Instructions come with your reverse flow smoker.
Rustic Soul Smoked Salmon on our Offset Reverse Flow Smoker BBQ
Smoked Sausages in a Rustic Soul Offset Reverse Flow Smoker BBQ
Image captured of beautifully tender meat and vegetables on a Rustic Soul Offset Reverse Flow Smoker BBQ

Convinced? Have another look at our beautiful Offset Reverse Smoker BBQ’s!